Itzack Stern

Itzack Stern was a Jew and was an unofficial agent of the Judenrat, the Jewish council. Later he worked in the accountancy office of Amon Goeth. He was very slender in build and had a scholarly dryness to him. (page 43) During the Schindler time period, he was known for his creative banking.  In the movie, Stern was given a much larger role than in real life. Abraham Bankier, was actually Schindler’s right hand man and was the office manager of record. (Abraham and Itzack’s roles in the movie were combined. A lot of the things Stern is credited with, like being a middleman and finding men to put up investment capitol, were actually done by Bankier.) In the movie Stern was the brains behind ‘the list’ and did most of the work within Schindler’s factory. “At times throughout the year, Stern would call on Schindler to arrange employment for Jews. Within a few months, Oskar was employing 150 Jewish workers and his factory had a minor reputation as a haven.” (Keneally, page 72)

In the beginning Stern was one of the people that Schindler trusted the most. Schindler would share with Stern things that he would not share with most people. Stern was a very moral character and disapproved of Schindler’s immoral habits. He often rebuked Schindler for smoking and drinking and never accepted Schindler’s invitations to join him in drinking. He would often say things like, “How many cigarettes have you smoked tonight? … For every one you smoke, I smoke half.” In the movie especially, Stern seems to bring out the best side of Schindler.


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