Leopold Page Pfefferberg


Leopold Pfefferberg was a Jewish smuggler that lived in the Krakow ghetto. In his youth he attended the Bydgoszcz Army Academy. He was called to his war duty in 1939 in a battle where almost everyone was killed. He came back from the war and lived with his wife, Mila, in the Krakow ghetto.

During the liquidation of the ghetto, he tried to escape using the sewers, but his wife would not go with him so he stayed. He was discovered by the SS as he was walking back through the streets and tried to disguise himself by claiming that he was on assignment to clean the streets. The SS let him go.

One of the most influential things that Pfefferberg did was tell his, and Schindler’s, story to Thomas Keneally. Without Pfefferberg, the story of Oskar Schindler and the Schinderjuden would only be told to the descendants of the survivors. The story might have been lost.


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