About the Film


In 1993, when Stephen Spielberg was directing his future movie, he needed an authentic Jewish quarter for the scenes depicting the Jewish ghetto of Podgorze in Krakow. He chose the Kazimierz district of Krakow because this area had not changed since the 1940s. This photo shows the balconies in the courtyard from where the suitcases were thrown down in the scene in Spielberg’s movie in which the Podgorze Ghetto is liquidated. He would have used the legitimate city of Podgorze, but is has been newly reconstructed into more of a modern area. It was also filmed in Jerusalem, Israel and Krakow, Poland. Source

ACTORS: None of the actors/actresses are Polish or German. They all had to fake an accent.

Oskar Schindler- Liam Neeson: from Ballymena, Northern Ireland

Itzhak Stern- Ben Kingsley: from Scarborough, Yorkshire, England

Amon Goeth- Ralph Fiennes: from Suffolk, England

Emilie Schindler- Caroline Goodall: from London, England

Poldek Pfefferberg- Jonathan Sagall: from Toronto, Canada

Helen Hirsch- Embeth Davidtz: from Lafayette, IN



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