Jewish Ideologies

Jewish Ideology

Judism reinforces the reactionary myth of the “unity of the Jewish people”, of their supposedly common interest—transcending class distinctions—against a universally and eternally hostile environment.

It is reactionary because it leads the Jewish people towards another catastrophe: Israel is not their salvation, but a prison house, forcing them into permanent confrontation with the Arab masses in the Middle East. It is not nationalist self-isolation in an armed reactionary state but the international struggle of the working class that can free all Jewish people from centuries of persecution.

Just before and during WW2, most Jews were living a quiet spoken life. They did not want to cause attention to themselves. They acted with a very polite manner and showed various acts of positive behavior toward the often negative Poles and Germans. The (old) Jews did not look at the ghetto as the ghetto. For them it had some kind of certainty, and some nostalgia, since it was not to long ago that they were all living in the Ghetto together. The ghetto was none else then a small permanent realm that had them living another life through separate news papers, restaurants, classrooms and so on. They made the best of it and standing around a fire lite barrel did seem at all that bad. They simply had hope that depression would not take form and that through uplifting thoughts, good spirit would provide them with a basis on which to plan a restricted future.

The Jews wanted to believe Schindler and thought of him as a hero. They looked to him for means of survival and providing them a way of life. They worked hard for him, cause they thought that might was a way to pay him a little bit back.They are framed as very grateful people, with a strong ideology that is protecting them. Even when the woman were in Auschwitz, they kept thinking positive that Oskar would come for them.



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