In the movie there are 3 main parties that are framed by the makers:

  • In the film the director seemed to frame the Nazis as pure evil people. We think the actor chose to play Goeth looks more frightening than the actual Goeth himself. Of course the Nazis are not good for the choices they follow through with, but not every single Nazi is bad. In the movie they portray EVERY Nazi as a murderer who would never look past a small crime. While in reality, there were a lot of Nazis more humane.
  • The Jews are portrayed as helpless people being taken away in the film. In the book it talks about the Jews resisting and not doing everything as they are told. In the film they look extremely innocent. A reason for this could be that when the Jews themselves are framed as heroes, the contrast with Schindler is not big enough.
  • Oskar Schindler is framed as being a hero inside and out in the film. Which the book also mentions, but the film down-played his wrong doings until they were almost invisible. They left out a lot the bad things that Oskar was doing. Even gambling about someone’s life seems normal in the movie, while to us this is a bad choice, since the price of a human life is way to high to gamble with.

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