The main themes of the movie:

  • War– Fighting and violence for abundant amounts of authority and power is relevant in this movie. War is going on throughout the entire film.
  • Good vs. Evil– “The reflection can hardly be avoided that Amon was Oskar’s dark brother,”(Keneally, 1983: 171). The movie shows that a person can choose the way they want to be portrayed for the rest of their life. For instance, at the beginning of the film Schindler was a member of the Nazi party and he was not considered to be a “good man of a good life.” The fact that he turned around and did what he did to help out innocent Jews framed him as a heroic figure. Which most Americans would agree with. The movie portrayed the Nazis to be terrible people and Schindler as a saint.
  • Interracial Issues– There was a lot of antisemitism against the Jews. They thought that Aryans were the only superior race. A lot of marriages that were interracial before the resettlement act were torn apart from their spouse due to the new law/act. That is the exact reason that Schindler was arrested for the second time.
  • Power- One of the key themes in this film. Power became a virus, the Nazis became so lost in gaining power that inhumane acts happened all over Europe.
  • Humanity- Human beings were the victims of war, innocent bystanders were taken into custody and thrown into concentration camps and punishment for reasons that were irrelevant. Hitler had plans to kill off all Jews.
  • Feminism–¬†Schindler has various interactions with different women throughout the film, he is also arrested for this reason. His encounters with women left a mark on his name, but the movie seemed to downplay the adultery he commits and focuses mainly on the heroic aspect of his character.

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