NY Times on the Holocaust

Finding articles from the New York Times during this period of time is near impossible. News coverage of WWII DURING the events was not released to the United States public until after the war.

The American Press generally deemphasized the stories and events occurring in Europe during the early 1930’s. The killing of many Jews was overlooked and word choices like “exterminated” took the place of “murder.” The big question is why? In 1939-1941 the anti-Jewish violence took an upward climb. At this time many American newspapers ran headlines of “German shooting operations” first in Poland and later happening in the Soviet Union. Immigration in 1939-1940 in America took almost more than half of the European Jewish refugees, and in 1941 forty-five percent of all immigrants traveling to the United States were Jewish.

In an article written by Carly Wolf based off of various documentaries, she explained the confusion and denial of the American Press during WWII. The Nazis made sure to keep their plans for the “final solution” under wraps; their cleaver mind games fooled America. At least that is what the U.S claims. Wolf gathered information from various documentaries, “The Germans did more than try to keep things a secret; they released all kinds of information designed to obfuscate.”  With the Nazi’s confusing the public, American was unsure of what to believe or who was telling the truth.

Another approach to the denial of the Americans during this period of history is as follows, it may have been healthy for the minds of fellow Americans, no one could grasp the thought of humans killing other humans in such inhumane ways. “In a certain respect these were healthy doubts-the mind’s rebellion against believing that human beings were capable of sinking to such levels of depravity-but they made it easier for the perpetrator’s to camouflage their plan.”

The framing of the events occuring in Germany at the time were hidden from the American people, the facts and news that was published by the press was down graded because the Nazis kept what was really occurring under wraps.

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